musician chair spacing

We’ve had a great time this spring in our choir Zoom boxes, learning about music theory and having our own “nerdy fun” together. It has been great to add a few new faces to the Brady Bunch too! We are proud to be called by our Lord to lead the congregation in worship and into battle for souls. To show our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, for the time being, we will adhere to social distancing when we sing together at Red Ridge. We also show love for those of our choir and church family members who are restricted to carrying on the battle only from their homes…we know that the prayers of these saints and their communications with others will effect great things in our Christian community.

So, here’s the plan for Socially Distanced Choir; we can fit only 6-8 musicians on the stage in addition to the pianist, organist, pastor, and music leader. We will have only small groups singing specials on Sundays for a while. Each person will have an assigned seat that places them at least 6 feet from everybody not in their household. Also, we will wear masks from the parking lot to the church and the whole time we are in church, except when are sharing the specials in the sanctuary. The choir members who have been assigned to sing on Sunday will enter/exit the building via the Lockett Room to warmup at 9:10 and then walk outside at least 6 feet apart to line up and enter/exit the handicapped door to the sanctuary.

Here’s another thing…to avoid “congregating” in the halls and avoid touching surfaces and materials, we won’t use the choir music cabinet to distribute and turn in music. (We will have tape on the cabinet to remind you.) We also don’t want to share hymnbooks. Everybody will need to keep their own choir folder and hymnbook at home, and REMEMBER to bring them to use them on the Sundays they sing. We will use email to announce when/how people need to turn in or pick up music.

So, as things progress, you’ll get a call sometime to see if you are available to serve. In the meantime, make sure you do your breathing exercises, stretch, hydrate, and do your do-re-mi’s. Watch this Blog for more info! Love, Kim