“Red Ridge has something for just about everybody.  Throughout the website, you will find a variety of opportunities to get involved. You can serve or work in almost any ministry or committee listed in this site by calling the church secretary (256.825.9820) for contact information for the chairperson.”


Choir – Our choir, musicians, and media team praise the Lord through music enhancing the congregation’s worship service.  The choir also provides special programs for selected holidays throughout the year.

Children’s Church – plan, organize, and deliver children’s program during Sunday worship.  Very few children are involved.

Ushers – serve as member of an usher team during Sunday Service, special events, funerals as required.

Worship Committee – prepares and maintains the sanctuary for worship services.

Audio/Visual Team – provides audio, visual, and technical support for the church in coordination with the pastor and music director for routine services, special events, and short notice requirements.

Alternate Pianist – fills in when primary is not available.

Alternate Organist – fills in when primary is not available.

Sunday School – each Sunday, be a teacher or participant.

Bible Study – a men’s group and a women’s group meet each Wednesday.

Prayer Requests – send preprinted cards to selected prayer recipients.


Security Team – provides building security during worship, special events, and selected ministries.

Secretarial Alternate/Assistant – stand-in for church secretary in her absence, assist during peak workload periods.

Photographer – take pictures of new members, special events and services, consolidate photos on electronic media.

Communication Committee – gets its mandate from our vision statement of “sharing the good news to win souls for Christ. Seeks to ensure Red Ridge is sending the right message of “good news” at the right time as clearly and effectively as possible.

Finance Committee – identify, perfect, and manage Red Ridge’s financial system.  This includes raising, disbursing, and managing funds in order to achieve the church’s mission and vision.

Welcome Committee – formed to ensure that all that join Red Ridge UMC are made to feel like they belong!  Maintains New Member Packet and coordinates with Hospitality for New Member Luncheon.

Landscape Committee – plans, organizes and maintains gardens and church surrounds.

Board of Trustees – plans and organizes the maintenance and procurement of the church real property and equipment.


DHR Christmas Gift Ministry – coordinate with DHR on number and ages of children and any guidance on types of gifts, publicize program with the congregation, assist in gift collection and delivery to DHR.

Mat Ministry – We create sleeping mats for homeless individuals to protect them from sleeping on damp rough surfaces. We also include knitted hats in the mats we deliver in the fall and winter.

Girl’s Ranch Ministry – provides high school academic tutoring and summer enrichment programs for Ranch residents.

Nursing Home Ministry – volunteers visit residents with special needs, including the bed-ridden and those who have few regular visitors.

Back Pack Ministry – helps fight children’s hunger by providing nutritious, easy-to-prepare food for the children to take home in their backpacks each weekend during the school year.

Manna & Quail – a WIF ministry providing meals for 1) the seriously ill or 2) the bereaved.

Embrace Alabama – a ministry providing safe homes, caring support, and college scholarships to neglected and abused youth from Alabama and Florida.

Shoe Box Ministry – a WIF/ Samaritans Purse ministry that has collected and delivered more than 124 million gift-filled shoe boxes to children in more than 150 countries.

Books for Children – WIF ministry distributing free books to children at the Loaves and Fishes food pantry.

Angel Dolls – A Red Ridge ministry that creates precious angel dolls for distribution to children and elderly in need.

Brown Bag – A Red Ridge ministry providing low income, elderly residents with at least two bags of food once a month for a year, hence, the name “Brown Bag”.

Women in Faith – an organization of Christian women who meet monthly for fellowship and to support the ministries of our church especially those involving women, children and youth.

Outreach Committee – meets annually to review and approve support for local agencies and ministries that work to improve the lives of others in need.

Scholarship Program –   provides financial assistance for education to RRUMC families and others, based on need.


Special Events – plan, organize and execute special events for the church.

Hospitality/Social Committee – provides refreshments for Sunday fellowship and works with the pastor to schedule and carry out plans for social events in our church.  The group tries to organize fun activities for Red Ridge so that we can get to know one another on a more personal level.

Friday Friends – meet on a regular basis for fellowship and friendship as they celebrate life and build their relationships with God and each other. The ‘Friends’ meet socially every Friday at 5:30 PM. See the church calendar for details.

Grateful Bread – a small group program that seeks to help people get to know one another by gathering for fellowship over breakfast, lunch, or dinner.