PRAISES:  Joy!!!  Jayden Olson, granddaughter of Don & Donna Brobst, graduated from the University of Madison.  Praise our Pastor Dorothy for always being available for family and always knowing the right thing to say.




Sympathy to the family of Amy Burton, sister of Kelli Hodge, Sympathy to the family of Ronnie Milan, family member of the Scott Family, Carol Evans, Robert & Barbara Dotson, Debbie Armstrong, by Donna & Tommy Hebson, Tammy Brock, Curtis Sample, Melinda Morris, Barry Reed, Denise Thrasher’s family, Roger McElroy, by Joel Link, Charles Boles, Carol Bonebrake, Hannah & Marshall, Mary Nielsen, Joyce Gooden, by the DPAC Community Choir, Harriet Dorado and her son Marcus Dorado, family members of Mary Nielsen, Cory Collins, by Dorothy Scott, Graduating Seniors,  Israel / Hostages, Mike & Marie Steele, by Lori Bush, Lucy Nicholson, granddaughter of Liz & Fred Bradford, Joe & Cathy Whatley, John Marcell, Suzanne Morrow, sister of Linda Bodine, Joe & Carol Reeves, Carol Euard, by Lori Bush, Joplin Bodine, granddaughter of Linda Bodine,  John Durr, Travis Fincher, Paul & Kittie Messer’s great grandson.


Dorothy Gilbert, B J Shuler, John & BJ Mann, Tam Day, Dorothy Gilbert, Sandra Cummins, Carolyn & Gary Gilbert & Family, Katherene House, Lyn Young, Don Brobst, Bob & Marsha Hunt, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Buddy and Peggy Yarbrough, Barry & Tamar Reed, Bob Buice, Bobby & Peggy Welcher, Doug Bonebrake, Jeff & Jaxon Cook, Pete White, Elaine Rollo, ALL Families near and far, ALL Educators & School Leaders, ALL Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, & First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military.  The United States of America. ALL World leaders and President Biden.  Peace for all the world. Victims & their friends and families of tragedies.  The Homeless.


Ed Fox, Kristopher Eddins, Emery Dillard, Priscilla Foley, Krallin Hodge, Keith Welcher, Michael Bagley, Kim Williams Dillon, ReNaye Davis, Peggy Stevens, Margaret Barker, Frances Edel, Lenda Jo Connell, Gary Gilbert, Ruby Winn, Christy Harrison, Warren Williamson, David Kenney, Cindy McGill, Randy Tucker, Liz Reeves, Matthew Was, Chuck Crauswell, Tamar Reed, Sally Conduff, Mike Dickey, Buddy Yarbrough, Michael Thilmany, Curtis Dawkins, Peggy Jackson, Christie Farrow, June Wright, Jill McDonald, Jackie Gentile, Angie Jones.