Praises:  Margie Meyling is coming home on Friday!  Sam & DeLene are moving this week.  We will miss them but wish them a fond farewell.  Sending Love & Prayers for safe travel & a happy future in Texas.
Liz Bradford’s brother, Neal Cater, brother of Bill Cater, Margie, sister of Carol Evans, Tiffany, granddaughter of Tommy Chatham,,Tom Harrelson, Divina Bacon, by Bob Bacon and Jacquie, Bob & Carol Meadows’ grandson, by Mary Nielsen, Kathy H, by Mary Nielsen, Bill Freeman, family of Ann Freeman, Stanley Potts, Peace of mind, hearts and souls for those of our nation and around the world, by Nora Lawson, Al Benn, All those who have lost loved ones or their homes to Hurricane Laura and cooler temps so workers can do their jobs safely, Becky, family member of Charlotte Pitcher, Gary Pitcher and his brother, Elizabeth & Ted Calhoun, by Jim & Judy Hughes, Jackie Wilbourn, Cindy Pierce, Gladys Clanton, mother of Jim Clanton, Bobby Welcher, Stephen Saponaro Jr, nephew of Marian Edel, Susie Berford, Emmett Johnson Sr., father of Chip Johnson, Kat King, Cynthia Taylor’s brother, Bill Ponder, by Slyfox Messer, Angela, cousin of Jimmie Mullis, Douglas Harmon, by Mary Nielsen, Laura Daniels, Franklin Lewis & his wife, by Nancy & Carl Hicks, Susie Profitt, Carol Harrison, Rhonda Grounds, sister of Bill Cater, Carol Eaurd, by Lori Bush, Tom Armour, brother of PJ, Blake Agricola, nephew of Steve & Nancy Wheeler, Dave & Barbara Brown and Cheryl Brown by Mary Nielsen, Kathy Loftus’ grandson Beaux, Jenny & MarkBarton & Madison Pate, by Lori Bush.
Stanley Potts, Margie Meyling, PJ Armour, Mary Nielsen, Ruth Lockett, Teresa Winchester, Roger Hepburn, JoAnne Thorpe, Katie Knepp, Jimmie Mullis, Kat King, Melinda Boyett, LuAnn Henkel, Elaine Rollo, Devon Shuman, Rick Oliver, Cullen Stafford, Carolyn & Gary Gilbert, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Don & Sandra Herring, ALL Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, & First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military including: G J Howland, Anthony Easterwood, Jacob Johnson, Gunnar Bentrud, Sam Cuyler, Ronnie Knight, John Truett, Will Scroggins, David Bacon, Stephen Saponaro and  The United States of America and President Trump.


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