Sympathy to the family of Patricia Uliano Takach, family member of Mary Nielsen.
Tom Nielsen, stroke.
Teresa Winchester, arm & shoulder injury over the 4th.
Jenny and Mark Barton and Madison Pate, by Lori Bush.
Carrie Poole took a fall late last week and may have reinjured the shoulder that she just had repaired, mother of Lori Bush.
Virginia Edwards, by Cheryl Rhodes.
Prayers for our country.
Pastors and leaders as decisions are made about re-openings.
Austin Ashurst.
Kim Causey, recovering from shoulder and elbow surgery.
Roy Webb,Carolyn Gilbert’s oldest brother. They found a mass on his colon and their going to do surgery Thursday.
Leah Johnston, mother of two young teenagers, torn aorta. Friend of Gayle Jones
Bob Hunt is having heart issues.
For Jeff Cook, Lisa Cook. Lisa is Jeff’s sister, and is very sick, family members of Mary Morello.
Jerry von Eberstein, pray for open doors to job opportunities, by Jacquie & Bob.
PJ Armour, please continue to pray for PJ as he continues to undergo treatments and Shirley.
Victor Hill attending the Cancer treatment center in Newnan to start radiation treatments for prostate cancer.


Ruth Lockett, Roger Hepburn, Jimmie Mullis, LuAnn Henkel, Elaine Rollo, Carolyn & Gary Gilbert, Devon Shuman, Rick Oliver, Cullen Stafford, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Kathy Marcus, Tom & Mary Nielsen, Don & Sandra Herring, ALL Medical Personnel, Kyle Ferrell and ALL First Responders, ALL men and women who serve/served in our country’s military including: Jacob Johnson, Gunnar Bentrud, Sam Cuyler, Ronnie Knight, John Truett, Will Scroggins, David Bacon and All Veterans. The United States of America and President Trump.


Patsy Otts, Katie Boswell Baker, Tyler Holt, Victor Hill, PJ Armour, Roz Peck, Karla Teel, Shiella Rucker, Lori Palmer, Donna Huffman, Richard Latshaw, John Marcell, Ashlyn Lehr, Stanley Potts, JoAnn Thorpe, Bob Pope, Carol Talley, Fred Stanley, John Grant, Raymond Bitterbid, Jimmy Aldridge, Jane Stephens, Nova Bella Rose, Bonnie Aplin, Sam Cole, Pat Mustain, Willene Keith, Verna Chattaraman, Rhonda Coleman, Alexis Serrano, Jenny Landrum, Sharon Gaither, Marcella White, Rhett Chambers, Roy & Bill Webb, Frank Jenkins, Tanya Simms, Cyndi Teraskvich, Wayne Archer, Fran Jensen, Gary Dessert, Patrick McGee, Ted Bradshaw, Ron Johnson, Evelyn Frissell, George Terry, Ruth Davis, Carolyn Knight, Robert Jackson, Mary Cuozzo, Pam Stone, Roger Hepburn, Kiley Durham Castricone, Annelle Burch, Jennifer Zeman, Nicole Kreidler, Kim Endress, Cheryl Henderson, Annette Wilborn, Rodie Ellison, Steve Vincent, Kenny Keefer, David McLean, Bertie Vaughn, Renee D’Arey, Tom Collins.