Don & Donna Brobst, Van & Tammy Brock, Patty Kiessel, daughter of Judy Hillman, Sally Gantt’s son & family, Megan Schaffer, granddaughter of Chuck & Myrna Lehman, Christie Hill, daughter-in-law of Melanie Hill, Charles Boles, Austin Ashurst, Michael & Melissa Brown, family member of Mary Nielsen, Claire Ruff, by Mary Nielsen, Scott Price, The Sartori Family, by Marian Edel, Warren Williamson, cousin of Rap McBurney, Joe Whatley, brother of Barbara Dotson, Carol Wilkerson, by Mary Nielsen, Amanda Bacon, by Jacquie Johnson & Bob Bacon.



Lyn Young, Cindy Pierce, Mary Nielsen, Bob & Marsha Hunt, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Ann Freeman, Carolyn & Gary Gilbert & Family, Jeanette Raymond, Buddy and Peggy Yarbrough, Barry & Tamar Reed, Nancy Curley, Bob Buice, Bobby & Peggy Welcher, Doug Bonebrake, Roger Hepburn, Jeff & Jaxon Cook, Pete White, Elaine Rollo, ALL Families near and far, ALL Educators & School Leaders, ALL Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, & First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military.  The United States of America. ALL World leaders and President Biden.  Peace for the people of Ukraine. Gun Violence Victims & their friends and families.  Victims of the fires in Hawaii.



Jerome Timm, Susan Brownlee, David Kenney, Cindy McGill, Sandy Burney, June Henton, Randy Tucker, Liz Reeves, Matthew Was, Mildred Martin Mason, Chuck Crauswell, Tam Day, Tamar Reed, Sally Conduff, Mike Dickey, Buddy Yarbrough, Michael Thilmany, Curtis Dawkins, Peggy Jackson, Christie Farrow, June Wright, Christy Harrison, Jill McDonald, Molly White, Jennifer Cole, Darrell Chambers, Terri Bozu, Lynn Ard, Baby Novah, Marie Milam, Nury McGaughy, Joan Byard, Buddy Bland, Mike Warnock, Mike Link, Scott Edmonson, Ron Bruns, Mike Brown, Priscilla Foley, Angie Jones, Judy Adkin, Debbie Lowe, Angela Pope.