PraiseAbby Morthland has been selected Chief Justice of Student Government Assoc. at the University of Alabama, granddaughter of Dick & Bobbie Morthland.


Tom McDonald, by Rick Oliver, Verdie Nummy, by Lorraine Hepburn, Dave Crosslin, Kitty Holley, mother of Kay Dickey, Avery Tincher, great niece of John & Dawn Tincher, Bernard Ostil, son-in-law of Kay Deis, Terry Bozo, Waylon Peary, Carley Morris, Cathy Marsack, by Mary Nielsen, Liz & Fred Bradford, Tony Labore, Marilyn York, Waylon Peavy, Carly Morris, Eleanor Haven, Peggy Scott, Karla Teel, by Carol Warfield, John & Connie Dorner, by Frances Cox, Tornado victims of Selma, Dallas  and Autauga Counties, by Dick Morthland, Don Warfield, family member of Carol Warfield, Sam Harris & Family, Casi Vogel, Heather Hill, Waylon Peevy, brother of Amanda Kelly, Wes & Cheryl Catrair, by Anne Clanton, Kristi & Adam Hill, son & daughter-in-law of Melanie Hill, Marjorie Keys, by the Curleys and Kim Walls, Bill Walker, by Marsha & Bob Hunt, Tatum Andrews, by Ann Freeman, A B Campbell, by Chuck & Myrna Lehman, Mescilla Lawson, family member of Amanda & Pat Kelly, Ildi & Dave Andrews’ daughter, by Elaine Toney, Samantha Grimm, by Marian Edel, Joe Griggs, by Mary Nielsen, Tamar Reed, Kathy & Armand Crowder, by Nancy & Steve Wheeler, Denise Walls, by Prencella Hanby, Tony Labore, Kimberly Rowe, granddaughter of Gloria Poole, Juliet Maddox, granddaughter of Wes & Cheryl Catrair,


Nancy Curley, Kim Walls, Bob Buice, Marjorie Archer, Marian Edel, Bob Hunt, Bobby & Peggy Welcher, Doug Bonebrake, Roger Hepburn, Jim & Judy Hughes, Avery Tincher, Peggy Yarbrough, Carolyn Gilbert, Jeff & Jaxon Cook, Pete White, Emmett Johnson Sr., Elaine Rollo, ALL Families near and far, ALL Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, & First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military.  The United States of America. ALL World leaders and President Biden.  Peace for the people of Ukraine.


George Curley, Jill McDonald, Dorothy Williams, Brian Ussery, Ed Fox, Meredith Douglas, Molly White, Jennifer Cole, Mike Dickey, Kim Jackson, Darrell Chambers, Terri Bozu, Lynn Ard, Baby Novah, Marie Milam, Nury McGaughy George Lauramoore, Joan Byard, Buddy Bland, Kathy Hepinstall, Martha Smith, Margaret Barker, Gary Dick, Mike Warnock, Mike Link, Scott Edmonson, Ron Bruns, Mike Kilgore, Mike Brown, Priscilla Foley, Bill Webb, Veronica Jackson, Don Warfield, Angie Jones, Wanda Ryals, Judy Adkin, Debbie Lowe, Angela Pope, Jane Cooley, Sydney Hurley.