Sympathy to Richard & Myrtle Jett on the loss of their grandson, by Leon & Marjorie Archer, Sympathy to Brenda & Steve Hill on the loss of her mother, by Bill & Elaine Toney, Daughter of Dan & Cheryl Rhodes, Bob Tarvin, Brady Knox, by Liz Bradford, Sallie Mason, by Mary Nielsen, Perry Woodruff, family member of Sue & Michael Mason, Alma & Jimmy Huff and George Dees, family members of Gwendolyn Dees,  Hamp Price, by Donna & Tommy Hebson, Kim Lee Griggs, by Marcus Griggs, Leroy Talley, by Marian & Jud Edel, Mary & Tom Nielsen, Brian Deis, by Ron & Cindy Pierce, Terry Dobbs, sister of Bob Harwell, Jackie Messer, family member of Slyfox Messer, Joy & Mike DeVivo, family member of Mary Nielsen, Jeff Tyler, brother of Bill Cater, Karen Carlee, sister of Bill Cater, Jeanette Stune, by BJ & John Mann & Brown Bag Family, Myra Blankenship, BJ & John Mann’s son’s mother-in-law, John Oliver, by Sue Mason, Kincey Green, by Dick Morthland, Dr. Gerald Johnson, by Dick Morthland, Sophie Conniff, family member of Polly Timmerman, Trace Thompson, by Bill & Elaine Toney, Victims of Hurricane Dorian, Jordan Scroggins, granddaughter of Ann Freeman, Eugenia Murchison, family member of Sally Gantt, Sarah Fast, family member of Carol Sharpe, Allen Cook, family member of Stan & Kim Causey, Paige Curry, Trace Thompson, by Bill & Elaine Toney, Renee Lichten, niece of JoAnn Frazier, Jeff & Jaxon Cook, family members of Mary Morello.


Devon Shuman, Travis Fincher, Rick Oliver, Cullen Stafford, Vera Knight, Carolyn Gilbert, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Ruth Lockett, Hannalore Trotter, Kathy Marcus, Betty Williams, Don & Sandra Herring, First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military including: Jacob Johnson, Gunnar Bentrud, Sam Cuyler, Ronnie Knight, John Truett, Will Scroggins, David Bacon and  The United States of America and President Trump.


Bonnie Aplin, Sam Cole, Pat Mustain, Willene Keith, Verna Chattaraman, Rhonda Coleman, Alexis Serrano, Jenny Landrum, Sharon Gaither, Marcella White, Rhett Chambers, Roy & Bill Webb, Frank Jenkins, Tanya Simms, Cyndi Teraskvich, Wayne Archer, Fran Jensen, Gary Dessert, Patrick McGee, Ted Bradshaw, Ron Johnson, Evelyn Frissell, George Terry, Ruth Davis, Carolyn Knight, Robert Jackson, Mary Cuozzo, Pam Stone, Roger Hepburn, Kiley Durham Castricone, Annelle Burch, Jennifer Zeman, Nicole Kreidler, Karla Teel, John Robertson, Kim Endress, Robb Maddox, Cheryl Henderson, Annette Wilborn, Gary Stevens, Rodie Ellison, Steve Vincent, Kenny Keefer, David McLean, Tim Walton, Bertie Vaughn, Renee D’Arey, Tom Collins, Shirley Stanford, Sarah DeFalco, Nadine M. Howell, Heather Norris.