Sympathy to the family of Nancy Parker, by Barbara Segrest, Pray that the hate filled speech, spirit and actions will cease, by Nora Lawson, Stephanie Maloney, daughter of Kay Deis, Travis Bryant, nephew of Travis & Kay Fincher, Brandon Gautney, son of Jeanette Raymond, Ken Justice, family member of Ann Freeman, Vinny Joy & his wife Valerie, by Mary Nielsen, Josie, born 8/3, granddaughter of Dawn & John Tincher, Elizabeth Campbell, by Cheryl Rhodes, June Baker, aunt of Mary Morello, DeLene Cawley, Judy Lauramoore, sister of Shirley Armour, Carolyn Brantley, by Chuck & Myrna Lehman, Shawn Broderick, by Ann Freeman, Mary Lou Norred, sister of Sally Gantt, Blanche Spivey, Lindsey Sparano, Jerry Pass, by Sally Gantt, Lin Howland, sister of Jimmie Mullis, Barry Keel, Sr., by Cal Johnson, Dwight Evers, by Dick Morthland, Bob Cockrell, family member of Jean Cockrell, Janis Yarbrough, by Mary Nielsen, Tom & Mary Nielsen, Lois Green, aunt of Barbara Segrest, Denise Armour, daughter-in-law of Shirley & PJ Armour, Travis Fincher, Joe Perry and his wife Desa, daughter and son-in-law of Vicki & Bill Cater, Cathy Allen, niece of Barbara Smith, Grace Morton, mother of Cathy Delionback, Towana Sears, by Stan & Kim Causey, Leon Archer, Rickey Melton, Leroy Stewart Freeman, family members of Ann Freeman, Bob & Marie Tarvin, Jeff & Jaxon Cook, family members of Mary Morello, Ginnie Strother Fernandez, by her sister Debbie Strother Purves.


Rick Oliver, Cullen Stafford, Carol Sharpe, Vera Knight, Jerry Webb, PJ Armour, Carolyn Gilbert, Bob & Rona Blokzyl, Ruth Lockett, Devon Shuman, Hannalore Trotter, Kathy Marcus, Betty Williams, Don & Sandra Herring, First Responders, All men and women who serve/served in our country’s military including: Jacob Johnson, Gunnar Bentrud, Sam Cuyler, Ronnie Knight, John Truett, Will Scroggins, David Bacon and All Veterans.  The United States of America and President Trump.


Shirley Webster, Rhonda Coleman, Alexis Serrano, Jenny Landrum, Sharon Gaither, Marcella White, Rhett Chambers, Roy & Bill Webb, Frank Jenkins, Tanya Simms, Cyndi Teraskvich, Wayne Archer, Fran Jensen, Gary Dessert, Patrick McGee, Ted Bradshaw, Ron Johnson, Evelyn Frissell, George Terry, Ruth Davis, Carolyn Knight, Jean Yarbrough, Robert Jackson, Mary Cuozzo, Pam Stone, Roger Hepburn, Kiley Durham Castricone, Danielle Caudill, Annelle Burch, Jennifer Zeman, Nicole Kreidler, Karla Teel, John Robertson, Kim Endress, Robb Maddox, Cheryl Henderson, Annette Wilborn, Ruby Heard, Gary Stevens, Rodie Ellison, Steve Vincent, Kenny Keefer, David McLean, Tim Walton, Bertie Vaughn, Renee D’Arey, Tom Collins, Shirley Stanford, Sarah DeFalco, Nadine M. Howell, Weldon McManus, Reid Francis, Valerie LaBore, Jim Norris, Ralph Green, Heather Norris.

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